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The Mysterious Lake

Before you read let me ask you a question; What would you do if you fell into a lake, to make it worse, you don’t know how to swim?! Well, the same thing occurred to a little 15-year-old girl named Lily.

Lily was super talented. She got A+ in almost every subject. She had shoulder length hair with freckles and hazel eyes. Her only dream was to go on an adventure. Who knew an adventure was waiting keenly for her…?

One lazy Sunday afternoon, Lily’s parents left for some work in London. So, Lily was all alone in the house for one month. She wandered peacefully in her garden. Until a thunder-like noise jerked her up. Unwanted gloom filled up the sky and the surroundings. Lily wanted to move and run back into the house but it was so darkthat she couldn’t even look down at her own feet!

After some time, it was normal again. A lake had magically appeared under her favorite mango tree. It had pinkish-blue water with glitter. From its appearance it looked like a blob of clear mermaid slime. Lily couldn’t help take her eyes off the lake. Although she did not know how to swim, she jumped into the lake without thinking. Lily felt herself drowning and cried on top of her voice, “Help! Help! He-” She wasn’t able to hear her voice anymore. She felt like flying underwater. Mystifyingly she could breathe!

She shut her eyes in fear. In no time, she was standing on her feet. Lily slowly opened her eyes and looked around. She was surrounded by darkness; the only source of light were the crystals that were shining brightly. “Wow, I’ve only seen this sight in movies!”

Lily touched one of the crystals. It felt cold. She picked up a crystal and stuffed it into her jean’s pocket. She could hear the plip-plop of water in the distance. Lily walked towards the North. As she walked further into the cave, she found something like paper and picked it up. When she unfolded the yellow tinted paper, a mouth appeared in the middle.

The mouth spoke in an excited voice, “WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME to the cave of your dreams! Follow the pink arrows on the ground to make a wish you have always wanted and follow the blue arrows to get out of the cave. It’s your choice.” As soon as the mouth stopped speaking blue and pink arrows came out of nowhere. Lily had to make a hard decision. She was curious to see where the pink arrows lead to. She followed the pink arrows. The path with pink arrows had pink crystals which gleamed in the dark. It was a splendid sight. She wanted to sit there and look at the crystals.

Luckily, Lily had a camera in her pocket. She took it out and started clicking photos of the crystals and the cave. She turned on the video recorder and recorded the surrounding with the crystals, she also took a picture of the message with the mouth. Without wasting any more time, she followed the trail of pink arrows.

Soon, Lily had finally reached her destination. She saw a small pond with pink misty water. She looked at it in awe. The area was extremely bright. Suddenly the same voice that came from the paper came. It said, “Oh! Looks like you want to fulfil your deepest desire! The wishing pond is now ready, speak up your wish and you shall get it but you shall give something in return.”

“What do I need to give you in return?” asked Lily impatiently. The voice replied, “Throw your camera in that pond and then make your two wishes.

Remember you can use the two wishes anytime and don’t wish for some electronic stuff like the kids nowadays ask for!”

Lily was a clever little girl; she took all the photos out in a hardcopy and threw the camera into the clear pink pond, speaking her two wishes, “My first wish is to get my camera back that I threw into this pond and my second wish is to get back to my home.”

With a whoosh she found herself standing at the place where the lake appeared. Lily’s garden was normal again and the camera was in her hands. Lily checked the camera to see if it was working; luckily it was still working and had the pictures stored in it.

It was the weirdest day ever! Lily’s garden was all wet and the mud had water puddles with a lot of water. It felt like it had rained. It was dark with stars twinkling like diamonds in the blue cloudy sky.

Lily walked into the house, had dinner and before going to bed she pasted all the pictures of her fantastic adventure in her secret lock diary.

- Vidita Khandelwal

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