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Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Blessed was the family in which was she spliced,

But little did she know what her future comprised.

Happy to the thought of a radiant long life.

And always being by her partner's side.

She thought of raising a family beautifully thrived.

All of this was what she fantasized.

Days passed by and she was content.

Fulfilling her duties as a wife and a daughter.

But alas! all she did was to go in vain,

As no one did seem to have any eye for what good she did.

She brood on it and assured herself,

That everything would be just fine

And just to give a little more time.

She hoped for her husband's console,

To fulfill his wedding vows.

But sadly, she found herself alone,

As her better half would choose blood over her soul.

She adjusted herself as she was taught,

And stayed quiet to live bounded to the hauls.

Time passed by and things weren't any better.

The hope she was clung to was all shattered.

Her life curbed by her family's will,

Bearing this brutal torment,

Once known bright soul was for forever perished.

- Kavya

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1 Comment

Apr 15, 2022

Superbly penned ..!

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