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In our life, there are many times when we feel low, we feel like giving up or quitting, we feel like we are worthless or there is nothing in our control but all this is merely negative thinking.

This happens with everyone and everywhere.

Maybe the person beside you is having these thoughts or maybe the grumpy person you saw on the road was going through this phase.

This is normal and a part of life. These thoughts would come to you again and again and all you can do from this is either learn from it or run from it.

Anytime these thoughts enter your mind, it will give you a lesson.

I suggest that you learn from it because firstly it will help you to go further in your life and secondly running from it will never solve it, but only delay it.

“What is delayed is unsolved and what is unsolved will eventually incapacitate”- Lucifer

Have you ever thought why does it happens again and again?

It happens whenever you fail to achieve a certain goal or a desired outcome after working hard for it.

When we try to achieve something it is not necessary that we achieve it in one go. There are small steps that are to be taken first and when they are fulfilled then we start seeing the result. While taking all these steps we just look over our performance and most of the times we are ignorant of the fact that not everything is in our control.

There are always last-minute changes and accidents and these are not in our control. We plan everything thinking that we would be successful in one go and so there is only a ' Plan A ' for everything, this however happens when we ignore or do not take in account that everything is not in our control.

When we take this fact or possibility in account, we would obviously have a ' Plan B '.

We should always keep in mind that there will always be a possibility of something going out of the way because not everything is in our control.

We will always feel dejected if we predict our future results beforehand based on our hard work and are not able to achieve that result.

It is better if we also take into account that there can always be something going out of way.

So, we just have to be ready for that and instead of being drowned in these feelings, we try to find a solution.

These types of feelings will always be there even if we take that possibility because it is natural for us to feel low if our hard work does not produce the desired result but if we accept this possibility then those feelings will arise but instead of worrying and drowning in them or running from it, we will be ready to accept it, realise where something went wrong, learn from it and find a solution.

It is always better to take that possibility in account although it is not compulsory that something has to go wrong.

It is astounding if everything goes according to your plan but if it doesn't then you should be ready to find out the solution to the problem because you already considered the possibility ahead of time.

Every great person had also passed through these phases but they knew how to react to it and that helped them to escape from the dire situations that might have resulted in leaving them with nothing.

- Ayush Mishra

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