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Everyone deals with mental issues. Everyone has it or had it and it's OK. It's OK to be anxious but it becomes bad once it starts acting as a hindrance in your daily life. It's bad if it becomes a Lifestyle. You should accept and let go off the things which can't be in your control, you are allowed to have days when you can't function, days when you wish to give up or feel Emotionless.

Your mental health is more important than your career, money, other people's opinions, you relationship, your family and everything else. If you taking care of yourself is making someone feel as if you are letting them down then so be it .

Mental health isn't a joke and people who think it is are straight-up Idiots. Anxiety makes you overthink everything. It makes you feel like you are being abandoned and you are not worth anything. You feel as if the most important person in your life doesn't want you. You push people away as you fear being hurt by them if they leave you. Anxiety this bad makes you leave the one you love and it sucks. You make yourself sad unintentionally and I quote "The version of you someone created in their minds is not your responsibility." People think it's a phase but no it's not once you have an anxiety attack all you want to do is cry the hell out and cut off from everyone.

The hardest thing is expression not only in this case but almost everywhere and with everyone. Somewhere or the other we have all fallen and have been bruised and misunderstood but were not able to express it half of us due to the fear of not being understood and half of us because we ourselves don't know what we are feeling and what the shit is all about. Emotional abuse hurts as much as physical abuse.

Do what makes you happy irrespective of it being wrong or right. Because if it makes you happy it is right, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. People are gonna make you feel shitty and yes, you will feel shitty but remember you are gonna inspire yourself. In the end you have to fight for your own fairy tale.



- Shambhavi Dubey.

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Apr 24, 2022

I appreciate your insights.

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