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Ranveer Singh might be jordar in real life with his high energy levels and a face that is always smiling and laughing, but when it comes to this movie, the jordar levels go down a bit.

Set in a village in Gujarat, this movie spreads a message of equality. Singh plays Jayesh Bhai, the son of the sarpanch of the village (Boman Irani). His father is a pure orthodox who believes in male superiority and that men have the right to do anything and cannot be questioned. So much so that when a girl student said that guys outside her school are harassing girls after drinking alcohol and pleaded with him to ban alcohol, he banned scented soaps, saying that if girls smell good, it is obvious for guys to get attracted towards them. Jayesh is married to Mudra and his sister is married to Mudra’s brother, who often drinks and beats her. Their marriage was fixed when the four were kids, and it was

decided that if one couple is loving, the other will be loving too, if one husband beats his wife, the other will beat his wife too and if one couple separates, the other will separate too. This was like a security code for the families. Although Jayesh never beat Mudra and only acted as if he did for the sake of his parents. His parents, mainly his father, wanted a boy from him so that his lineage can continue, but Jayesh and Mudra had a daughter. Mudra got pregnant many times, but each time they would check the sex of the baby beforehand and if it was a girl, then abort the pregnancy. In her final pregnancy, Mudra again got pregnant with a girl, but the doctor just tells this to Jayesh. Knowing his father would make them abort this girl also, Jayesh plans to escape and go to a village in Haryana, where there are no women, and the men of the village welcome any woman in distress and assure to take good care of them.

Will they be able to escape? Does the sarpanch catch them? Is Jayesh and Mudra’s daughter born? Does the sarpanch change his thought process? There are many questions, and you know where to get the answers from. This movie spreads a message in an entertaining way, but we expect a little more from Ranveer Singh. The macho young actor sports a completely different look for this film, and some might wonder whether it suits him or not. The comic relief is nice but a little lame at times.

All in all, it is a one-time watch family entertainer that gives a message that could have been delivered better.

- Niyati Vira

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