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It's not the end, until it's happy.

"Don't fall in love, be in love. Because everything that falls breaks."

They said,

Oh and me?

I climbed up, flew high, thinking I won't break

even if I fell, thinking he's there, to catch me,

hold me, he is there with me.

And I jumped.

The deeper I fell, the harder I broke.

He lied.

He freaking lied!

He broke me.

"Don't cry over a man who broke your heart."

They said,

Only if they knew, he was the one who built


Now I understand,


I said 'I love you."

He just said

'Love you too."

It was never. "I love you too."

Broke my heart.


I look up at him,

Holding someone else's hand,

Oh how he looked at her,

His eyes filled with love.

Did he ever looked at me like that?

Why did he pretend to love me when he never did?

"Y/N I'm sorry that he left you, she must be so much better."

They said,

Is she really that better?

I chuckled slightly,

Cursing my love life.

"You okay miss?" I heard a deep voice, as I looked up.

"You were crying, so I the way

here, grandma says it cures sadness." He

giggled while handing me an ice-cream.

"Th-ank you." You mumbled back, looking at the ice-cream then him.

"Hi, I'm Taehyung, you?"


"Why were you crying?"

"My boyfriend left me for another girl."

Why did I feel so comfortable with him in the first meeting?

"Oh, his taste sucks then." He shook his. head dramatically, making me chuckle a bit.


He giggled happily.


"You finally smiled."

He showed me his boxy smile.

"Oh, eat your ice-cream, it will melt."

I looked at my melting ice-cream.


He kept cracking up jokes,

Making me laugh the whole time.

"It was nice meeting you Y/N!" He got up.

"Me too." I replied.

We stood there, no words, but just silence

surrounding us.

"Thank you."

He smiled, his cheeks were slightly red.

"Let me help you move on from that jerk."

Without giving me a second to process, he

ran away.

"Why am I so comfortable with him?"

They do say,

Don't fall, you will break.

But oh, who can break the already broken heart.

Who can kill the already dead inside?

"Not everyone gets a happy ending."

They said,

But little did they knew,

It's not the end, until it's happy.

-Shanghvi Jaiswal

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