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The Good Old Days!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Joy! The word comes to my mind and all I can recall are the last seventeen years of my life. Often a thought comes to my intellect that times that are well spent are not felt. All that our brain would retain are the blurry images and some unforgettable incidents. We’ve often heard our elders saying, “ Those were the days!” and when I ponder upon this, all I get to know is that I am living ‘those days’ and with every second my childhood is slipping away like beads from a broken garland. Our childhood constitutes not just our happy moments but the happy moments of people around us. A child is capable of bringing a smile to the saddest faces. Our childhood memories are endured by our parents and well-wishers more than they last in our minds.

I still remember the times when my father had the widest smile on his face while telling me about the first ever steps I took with my little feet, about the day I gave the interview for school admission, the greeting cards I made for birthdays and anniversaries, the first time I demanded a toy at a store and many such memories he could not stop talking about.

Childhood leaves behind good memories, some bad memories, embryonic values and most importantly the essence of affection one receives at a tender age.

I can never forget the times my grand mother would stuff my wrist with almonds before leaving for school. The happiest were the days when we together listened to old songs and she would whole heartedly buy me any and every thing I ever wanted. Every single evening she took me for a walk to the temple in the neighborhood and I still remember the excitement to fetch a basket of flowers to the temple. I went to places without having a thought of any pending work , the hectic tuitions and academic responsibilities this life offered with upcoming years.

There is something magical about childhood that it makes you do even the most difficult of the tasks without the hint of fatigue. I can never forget how carefree I used to be about my academics and still managed to do well in exams. Time itself make you do things as a child without any extra efforts. Whenever I get into a deep thought about my future ,even a thought of making mistakes leaves a heft on my shoulders and this makes me feel the importance of my childhood when the scope of making mistakes was vast. Since childhood is a learning phase, he more mistakes, the better is the arena of learning.

The times my mother would recite nursery rhymes with me etched one of the happiest memories in my brain. The smallest thing would make me happy and now it makes no difference at all. I miss the time when every small thing would fascinate me and I day dreamed about it for hours. Childhood passed by in a blink of an eye and left behind memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

The thought that the best years of my life has ended and all that is left are new chapters of life to unfold gives me goosebumps. Every child on earth has condemned and cursed examinations only to realise that academic tests were just the tip of the iceberg and life has to offer bigger tests in future.

- Shreya Vig

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