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YES! I'm a feminist.

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Yes I'm a feminist. I am someone who demands of equal rights to women. For the most part of the population confuses feminism with pseudo feminism. Do women deserve more respect and people with other genders deserve no respect? Feminism is of various kinds- liberal feminism, cultural feminism, radical feminism, Marxist and socialistic feminism and eco feminism.

I would like to question the society that why does a mere piece of cloth and the length of her dress rule her character. I want to know that why does a simple needle in the clock determine her character. I want the community to answer that why does alcohol set her character when the same drink is just a health hazard for men. Does anybody have an adequate answer to why should we care about those four people everytime we want to make a decision. Even if we now live in a modern society there is still more than 70% population who subdue women. It's so upsetting that we live in a place where women suppress women, where sometimes the victim is blamed for her own rape, where people and officials avoid serious cases saying "BOYS WILL BE BOYS". In many families, even today, small girls are taught that they should never mess with a boy as they are stronger. I belong to a place where girls are always told to protect themselves, to avoid going out at night, to not wear short dresses but boys are never taught to respect girls.

According to the 2018 National Crime Records Bureau 91 rape cases were reported daily across the country. In India dowry deaths are very regular. Married women are murdered or driven to suicide by continuous harassment and torture by their husbands and in-laws over a dispute about their dowry, making the women's house the most dangerous place for them to be. Honor killing, witchcraft-related murders, female infanticide, sex-selective abortion, rape, insult to modesty, human trafficking are the common crimes against women in india.

In India where prostitution is illegal, I think that if it is made legal then the number of rapes will decrease. But still I cannot guarantee that because some sick minded people will carry on with their screwed up thinking.

It is sad but true that we have to eliminate one gender to make women feel safe.

- Pratishtha Senger

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