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Autumn took life from my leaves

He is there on the other side of the door with his head pressed on it.

I just have these few moments to hold on cause I know he won't be here anymore I beg him not to leave but this barrier between us won't let me seek.

He slowly whispers his last words, asking the most absurd questions.

"Please tell me each time you'll read your favorite poetry it will remind you of me and you'll try to find me in those lost words, each time you feel the wind on your skin you would miss my touch, Each time you'll hear the sound of rain tapping at your window you will think about this night when I came just to bid you goodbye, each time you'll see the quick lighting you will realize how numbered our infinity was"

But they took him away on a table, I paced back and forth as he lay still, I pulled him in to feel his heartbeat but he can't hear me screaming," please don't leave me ".

- Sameya

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