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A Rainbow Of Hope.

The thought of death daunts my heart,

As denouement of mortality, Takes away our life's art.

Amidst the horrifying perplexity,

What helps my mind to cope,

Is my soul's promising hope.

Surpassing my distress the universe senses my grief,

My dears and nears shower the rain of love,

Which boosts my ticker's core and strengthens my belief.

The droplets of courage renders me peace,

Nature holds my hand,

And never let the path of hope cease.

The inner me apprehend the mist of compassion,

And the cool breath of solace,

Calms down my heart's disrupting passion.

My soul gathers life's beautiful hues,

My feelings amplify,

And my heart is ready to eliminate the daunting blues.

A ray of sunshine flickers,

The driblet of love clashes the beam of warmth,

This makes my life glow,

And there I see,

Hope's glamourous rainbow.

- Shreya Vig

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